Gaoyou egg han road machinery co., LTD is a professional mainly egg production and processing machinery industry professional company。Since the founding, the company constantly innovation, industry production and processing,Bold innovation with the text make a custom-made production scheme of the save Labour when the province;Companies constantly refresh the industry standard,From the original classification precision±1gTo improve±0.5g,And change the traditional mechanical manufacturing enterprise of welding structure to fabricated structure so as to improve precision machine overall structure,More convenient repair and maintenance of the machine。       Its services include:Wash eggs、Dry、Grading、The sterilization、The code、With oil、The packing、Labeling;Duck egg wash、Dry、Grading、Wrapped in mud、The packing、Printing and other production and processing equipment,The production process,Good service concept to solve customer such as the trouble back at home。......

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The ground The address : Jiangsu gaoyou xinhe road, south of the city development zone

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